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R.K.S.V. RODA '23

Noorddammerweg 48c
1187 ZT Amstelveen
020 - 6451835

Roda'23 - DESTO JO9-1

The team played its last home game this year against Desto JO9-1. We had high hopes for the first win of the team. The boys had a great start. Quinton nearly scored the first goal after 45 seconds. Desto tried hard to break through the defense, but Boris and his team mates Thomas and Tim showed a strong performance and didn’t give Desto a lot of openings. After 7 minutes Giorghinio had a good shot and missed the goal by a couple of centimeters. Philip had a couple of good safes and kept a clean sheet until Desto put the pressure up and scored after 12 minutes. Quinten scored the equalizer 3 minutes later. In the 20th minute Desto scored again. Nobody knew how the ball went in. It was a very unlucky goal. The team didn’t give up and tried to increased the pressure. The boys had a few good chances through Tim and Sebastiaan, but couldn’t convert the chances. Desto scored another 2 times increasing the lead to 4-1. Zef had a great opportunity in the 32nd minute to score the 2nd goal for the team. Unfortunately Desto scored another time before Thomas put the ball in the lower right corner resulting in the final score of 2-5. The team was clearly disappointed and we saw some tears after the game. Next week the boys are facing the last challenge in the league for the year playing at Swift. Keep up the hard training and don’t give up! The hard work will pay off in the future.